What Is Shoulder Blade Pain And What Causes It

Ones shoulder is the most flexible and used joint in the body, so sometimes it is hard to determine whether pain is in the shoulder or in the surrounding tissues. Even if the pain is in the surrounding tissues this can affect the shoulder as well. The soft tissues that surround the shoulder are known as rotator cuff. It is made up of 4 muscles and there is also what is called a bursa that is instrumental as a slider from the bone and the rotator cuff. This disorder in these muscles causes shoulder blade pain.

The pain is definitely not uncommon. It’s a very complex area and is used constantly. This constant movement can cause a lot of stress, trauma, damage and just plain wearing out of that area. Your shoulder joint by itself is quite fragile. There are muscles surrounding it for protection. The rotator cuff is one of them; they connect the upper arm, collar bone, chest and the shoulder blade and keep them all in place and functioning smoothly. Typically when you are experiencing shoulder pain the first place to look is the rotator cuff.

The rotator cuff having to work as hard as it does wears down or just becomes irritated to the point of shoulder pain. The causes of this can be many things from baseball pitching, carrying heavy items and any repetitious movement involving that joint. The pain can also be caused by abdominal or pulmonary problems as well. It’s very important that if someone is experiencing this kind ear to of pain that they seek medical attention. Once the doctor can determine the cause of the pain they can then prescribe a treatment to help relief it. It’s also important when you are having this pain to be very clear to the doctor exactly what and where the pain is.

The nice thing to know is that as painful as shoulder blade pain can be, once the cause is determined relief can be sought. There are some general things that can be done in the meantime. A few of these are:

  • Rest – this is one of the most important things anyone can do for any ailment or illness. It’s important to rest and try to give the inflammation in your shoulder a chance to heal. While resting a body has a chance to heal.
  • Ice – inflammation is surely a large part to the pain. Icing is a wonderful way to relieve some of this. Indirectly applying ice twice a day for about 20 minutes will go a long way to reduce the inflammation and help you to feeling better.
  • Stretching- after a little while of resting and icing do some easy light stretching. Take it slow and loosen up the shoulder.

Regardless of what in our bodies is sore it is never a favorable position to be in. Shoulder blade pain is no different and as well can be extremely painful. Quickest way to help with this is to have a proper diagnosis from a doctor and start the treatment to healing it.

Source: Dr. Santa