Things that you should know about Lemon and Cayenne Pepper Diet

It’s popular nowadays; it’s what the famous are trying! – the lemon juice diet which is also known as the lemon cayenne pepper cleaning as well as the Master Cleanse Secret Diet was introduced among public in the year 1941. Thanks to Stanley Burroughs for inventing a diet something as good and rewarding as this.

Even the celebrities are going gaga over the lemon and cayenne pepper diet which include the American singer and song writer Beyone Knowles. She is the most famous celebrities to gain the luck to curb almost 20lbs of her pounds just because of taking the diet. She decided to try it to suit her role in the film entitled “Dreamgirls” where she played the part of a slim-figured female. It was in Oprah Winfrey Show where she proclaimed her success to lose the extra pound in just a short period of time.

For information, each time that we eat, the body would also ingest chemicals and toxins. In the long run, this will harm the body caused by irritation. Among the signs that will tell you if you body is already taking the toll are: body aches, bowel constipation, pains, irritability, exhaustion, and other tough side effects. Also, one of the most distressing side effect that excess of toxin will give the body is that it can become obese.

Among the body parts that can suffer from an oversupply of toxins are:

  • 1. liver
  • 2. colon
  • 3. gall bladder
  • 4. kidneys

The lemon and cayenne pepper diet is a short fasting method by which the poison and toxins within the body will be able to flush out in order to help in losing weight. The person behind this wonderful secret recommends that it should only be used for a limit of 10 days. In the morning, the person should drink sea salt water to assist bowel movement. After which, lemon juice mixture should be consume and the laxative tea should be consume at night.

The lemon juice mixture is created from organic maple syrup, organic lemon juice, lemon cayenne pepper, and filtered water. It should be known that it is restricted to consume solid food while on the diet thus most user confess that it is extremely hard to survive during the first two days. They would normally have a constant struggle to have something to chew, as a result, it advisable for one to eat crushed ice. After they were able to survive the first few days, they will easily get through the rest.

The lemon and cayenne pepper diet can provide a lot of benefits aside from its detoxifying effect. A lot of users were surprise that their craving for junk foods is lessened and the pain throughout their body instantaneously disappeared. This is because the body experienced a release of pressure and irritation within the blood vessels and the nerves. There are even some reported incidents when acne was observed as well as the improvement of the skin texture. However, there are some setbacks thus seeking medical advice if this will not harm your body is needed.