Aromatherapy – Natural Indigestion Remedy

Aromatherapy is a form of medicinal therapy that involves the deployment of unstable plant liquids that have a positive impact on body as well as mind. The various components used in aromatherapy are as follows:

  • Essential Oils: These are highly concentrated oils which are extracted from various plants and herbs through various processes like expression or steam distillation. These are scented oils which are highly instrumental in relieving various ailments.
  • Absolutes: These are aromatic oils extracted from flowers or delicate plant tissues through distinct extraction processes.
  • Herbal Distillates: These are the by-products, produced in the extraction of essential oils.
  • Phytoncides: These are the crude extracts from plants which are antibacterial in action.

Aromatherapy may be used to cure a variety of afflictions including indigestion. Indigestion can be referred to as a state of ineffective digestion. It may be caused by various reasons like inability of digestive system to produce digestive juices or enzymes, acidity, inappropriate bowel movement, and many more. The major symptoms of indigestion are abdominal pain, cramps, heartburn, and lack of appetite.

Essential Oils for Indigestion Cure

The use of aromatherapy to cure indigestion is as follows:

  • Lemongrass helps the digestive system to heal and gets rid of stomach pains and cramps. You may brew tea with lemongrass and honey for instant relief. You may add lemongrass to any other culinary preparation like soup so as to have the same effect of instant relief from indigestion.
  • One of the primary symptoms of indigestion is stomach ache. You may use rosemary essential oil in a bath soak or as infusion to treat the stomach ache.
  • You may also use peppermint essential oil to relieve the symptoms of indigestion. Simply massage the essential oil on your abdomen in a circular motion so as to relieve the troublesome stomach cramps.
  • Orange essential oil is supposed to lend a soothing effect to your body. Also, you may replace orange oil with fresh orange juice and sniff it so as to alleviate indigestion.
  • You may also use chamomile oil to massage your abdomen to get instant relief from any acidity and loss of appetite.
  • Massage your temples, wrists, and neck with a blend of orange, lavender and any other citrus based essential oil. These oils will help to get rid of any uneasiness as a result of the indigestion.

Aromatherapy is a wonderful medicinal therapy with no side effects and instant relief. You are recommended to consult an aromatherapist for better.