The drugs are bad in your health

Drugs are chemicals that change the way your brain and body work. Drugs can be swallowed, inhaled, smoked, or injected. Whichever way you take drugs, they end up in your blood and go to all parts of your body.

Many drugs are illegal. That means it’s against the law not just to sell them but also to have or use them.

The truth about illegal drugs

  • Positive feelings from drugs wear off, but drugs can cause life-long damage to your body.
  • Many drugs are addictive, which means it can be really hard to quit.
  • Drugs affect the way you think, making it harder to make safe choices and protect yourself in dangerous situations.
  • Drug use can lead to unhealthy sexual practices, such as having sex before you are ready or not asking if your partner has a sexually transmitted infection. Or, you may have sex without using a condom, which can put you at risk for getting HIV. Learn more about the link between drugs and HIV.
  • Drugs are not meant to be in your body. You could become really sick or maybe even die.
  • Not only are drugs bad for your health, they can change your looks dramatically!These pictures show how awful methamphetamine can make a person look. One of the effects that long-term meth users report is “crank bugs.” A user may feel like there are bugs under her skin, so she keeps scratching at them until she’s scarred with sores and blisters.